The simple experience with MindMup

I migrated my FreeMind files to MindMup.

I have used FreeMind  open software to organize my ideas and maintain my to-do list. I have used Dropbox as storage of FreeMind file to use those files on multiple devices. However I have been uncomfortable with FreeMind in some ways.

  • It’s too complex. It hampers concentration of my attentions.
  • Its old-fashioned user interface (small menus/toolbars/icons) is hard to operate on touch devices.
  • I must always pay attention to synchronization and the latest version of the file.
  • It needs installation of client programs on all devices, but there is no good FreeMind client software on iPhone.

MindMup is browser-based software and uses the cloud storage. After I use MindMup, I found:

  • I can use MindMup on any devices immediately.
  • I can see latest version on any devices immediately after I change MindMup on one device.
  • I can change MindMup on iPhone.
  • Icons are large and easy to operate on.
  • Its user interface is simple. It helps me concentrate on my topics.

Those advantages of modern cloud software are so evident that I didn’t think worth mentioning. But I found again those advantages these days. My experience of the everyday application is now so simple.


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