Microsoft HoloLens

I saw the HoloLens promotion movie  with a mixed feeling.

The integration of wearable glass, speech, gaze tracking and finger gesture command & control was what I proposed in a Microsoft idea contest (ThinkWeek) in 2 and half years ago when I worked for Microsoft. HoloLens is very similar to my idea. Specially, the commanding by index finger tap against thumb was also my idea. They built a great device beyond my humble idea. Microsoft research has a long track of research history on Holography technology. They finally built 3D human computer interaction/experience. HoloLens may build with Holography display technology, Kinect like computer vision with scene camera, speech and gaze-tracking with eye camera. Microsoft Research looks having caught up the state of the art of gaze tracking technology.

Kipman is the guy who produced Kinect and now talking on HoloLens. Kudos to his team! They realized a dream so quickly.

HoloLens may not get a rapid adoption in consumer market due to its size and conspicuous form factor. But it may find a wide adoption for gaming, work/job of special missions.

It share same defects of Google glass which failed to get adoption by developer/consumer.

  • It is conspicuous and bulky. People will not wear  24 hours..
  • Voiced speech does not support confidential/private communication, and is noise and suffers from noise.

If HoloLens is built on Kinect like computer vision on the device,

  • It suffers from lightning conditions
  • It suffers from obstruction objects in the view

On the other hand, I am with HoloLens in the followings

  • command and control by finger gestures
  • use of gaze and acoustic chanels for human computer interaction

Again Kudos to HoloLens team and great device.


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