Two ways to take advantage of finger dexterity

Fingers are dexterious. The dexterity of fingers as a human effector is built on the parallel processing of sight/tactics of human receptors. Direct (not remote) sensing/effecting is another characteristics of finger motor system besides parallelism.

We could take advantage of finger dexterity in two ways.

An approach is to try to add the remoteness to mortor/tactic systems. For example, robot hands wired with hand sensor will enable tele-manipulation. It overcmes the “direct” nature of muscle motor/tactic systems, and extends human ability in space.

Another approach is to get the finger power through some instruments which work with fingers intimately. Pens are the good instrument which work with fingers very well. If a pen has a motion sensor, it becomes anote-pen (you can get the digital ink through writing on a paper). If a pen has a micro scanner, you can scan characters of any materials and make the image as your memo. If a pen has a micro camera, you can enjoy interesting micro photos of flowers in your garden.

The latter approach is the more realistic in foreseeable future.


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