Silent Speech workshops

I met Saito sensei of Kushu Technology Institute yesterday.

He is going to organize and kick off the workshop series of Silent Speech.

He wrote in the announcement site: “Silent speech recognition is to recognize the speech content without using the voice information. The technology development has been made for speech recognition, human-machine interface, human-human interface, such as personal authentication as its applications. Silent speech recognition is related to the technology areas across signal processing, speech recognition, image processing, pattern recognition processing, sensors, algorithms, and implementation techniques. Threre has been no community  to address such a cross disipline themne. This is a place for researchers of all those areas related to silent speech recognition to get together and exchange information. Mutual enlightenment is highly desirable. We organized a workshop for researchers associated with the silent voice recognition from this intent.”

This kind of cross-area initiative is what I desired to happen. He is doing a great job for the human future.


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